Vietnamese bananas flower salad

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Vietnamese bananas flower salad  in Aiwa kitchen.

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Bananas blossom.

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Peel off some outer layers of bananas bract, the more fresh the blossom, the more sap there will be ,careful don’t let the sap stick to your hand and clothes. You should also coat your hand and knife with lemon juice before cutting the bananas flower.

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Before you cut the bananas flowers, prepare a container filled with water and squeeze lemon juice or vinegar into the container to remove the bananas sap and prevent it from turning dark.

Cut or slice them very thin.

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When you cut the bananas flower soak into the container immediately before oxidation with the air the bananas flower will turn black.

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After finish with other ingredients,then rinse,drain and squeeze dry the excess water.

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Combine all ingredients together and toss few time.

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Now the bananas flower salad is ready to serves.


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