Chinese mixed congee

2014-09-07 18.23.44

Chinese mixed congee. 2014-09-07 12.11.51

Ingredients: -1 cup skinless peanut. -1/2 mung beans, mixed rice, dried jujube,coix seed, red beans, black beans. 2014-09-07 12.19.20

Soak all ingredients into water for a few hours and drain,rinse the beans. 2014-09-07 12.23.46

Pour all ingredients into the slow cooker with 6 cups water and turn on high heat,bring it to boil and cook for 2 hour, then turn   over medium heat cook about 8 hours until all beans become tender, and add some sugar (tastes) before turn off the heat. 2014-09-07 18.23.44

Now the mixed congee is ready to serves.

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