Passion fruit and apple tea.

2014-09-25 14.07.49

Passion fruit and apples tea.

2014-09-25 13.20.28


-passion fruit.


-black tea (bags).

.2014-09-25 13.35.36


-Cut the apples into pieces.

-Cut the passion fruit by two and scoop out the juice.

-Slice the lime.

-Rock sugar.

2014-09-25 13.40.28

Add the apples and rock sugar with 6 cup water into the pot. Bring it to boil, about 10 minutes.

2014-09-25 13.52.59

Add 2 bags of black tea, passion fruit,lime into the pot and turn off the heat.2014-09-25 14.07.49

Now passion fruit and apples tea is ready to serve

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