Snow fungus and dried jujubes sweet soup

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Snow fungus and dried jujubes sweet soup.

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-20 dried jujubes.

-1 medium snow fungus.

Both soak in water until soft.

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-Tear the snow fungus into small pieces ( discard the hard parts).

-Cut the jujubes into 2 pieces and take the seeds out.

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Add the ingredients into a pot with 6 cup water.Bring it to boil, then reduce to low heat cook about 30 minutes. If you want snow fungus crunchy let it cook about 20 minutes. Pour rock sugar into the soup and turn off the heat,let it simmer about 5 minutes wait until rock sugar dissolve.

2014-09-26 16.37.18

Now the snow fungus and jujubes sweet soup is ready to serve.


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