Vegan curry soup

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Vegan curry soup.

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-Dried bean curd, fried tofu, taro, black fungus(soak into water until soft),carrot, onion, cabbage, coconut cream, vegetables stock.

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Add 1 cup water into the wok cook the cabbage until soft and set aside.

2014-12-22 19.55.36

Dried bean curd.

2014-12-22 19.52.36

Deep fried dried bean curd.

2014-12-22 21.33.22

Add 3 tsp oil heat the curry powder over low heat about 30 second ( don’t over cook).

2014-12-22 21.36.44

Pour all the vegetables into the curry let the curry coat  evenly the vegetables.

2014-12-22 21.42.23

Pour 26 oz or 2 can vegetable stock and same amount of water into the pot and cook the dried bean curd about 5 minutes.2014-12-22 21.52.39

Pour all the mixtures into the pot simmer until soft about 20 minutes.

2014-12-22 22.14.22

Add 1/2 can coconut cream and bring it to boil.

Season salt to taste.2014-12-22 22.19.28

Now vegan curry soup is ready to serve.


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