Chicken breast mustard greens

2015-03-01 16.44.19

Chicken breast mustard greens with chicken sauce.

2015-03-01 15.29.08

Chicken breast, mustard greens.

2015-03-01 16.10.52

Steam chicken breast about 20 minutes and save the juices from steam chicken.

2015-03-01 16.28.04

-Cut the chicken into small pieces for topping a green mustard.

-Mixing the chicken juices with 1 tsp cornstarch, pinch salt, pinch sugar and pepper.

2015-03-01 16.30.46

Boiling the mustard green with 1 tsp oil.

2015-03-01 16.34.55

Arrange mustard green on a plate, use kitchen scissors to cut mustard.

2015-03-01 16.40.50

Heat up a chicken fat.

2015-03-01 16.41.25

Pour the mixtures into chicken fat cook until thicker.

2015-03-01 16.43.23

2015-03-01 16.47.29

Pour the sauce over chicken mustard plate.

Now chicken breast mustard green with chicken sauce is ready to serve.

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