Homemade citrus peels cleaner

2014-11-17 15.04.43

Homemade citrus peels cleaner.

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Extracted lime or lemon juices and set aside.

(Grapefruit, orange, tangerin, lemon peels).

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Pour 10 cups water (you can put more or less) into the pot boiling the citrus peel.

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Cook about 20 minutes when the citrus peels boil take off the cover, let the boil citrus peels freshen

your kitchen.

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After cool down strained your juice .

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Pour into a clean and dried bottles or spay bottles(TO PREVENT CLEANER MOLD GROWTH HAVE TO PUT INTO CLEAN AND DRIED BOTTLE). mixing one cup white vinegar with 10 cup cooked citrus juice.

Use the citrus cleaner to clean kitchen sink, to clean the dish, countertops.

2015-03-18 08.35.26

The citrus peels cleaner if not into a clean bottle mold will grow after few day.

If grow mold you can use it clean the toilet or spray into toilet after using.

2014-11-17 15.04.43

This 2 bottles I have save from last year, now it smells like Chinese salted lemon.

A very fresh smells, I love it.





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